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Safe house for abused, abandoned and children involved in child trafficking 



Traumatized children are able to remain in a warm, caring environment where comprehensive assessments, medical services, and trauma counseling is provided.

SA Children in Poverty

Traumatized children are able to remain in a warm, caring environment where comprehensive assessments, medical services, and trauma counseling is provided.


Children we would love to help

SA Children in Poverty

A place where love can florish | Welcome to Shammah

The Shammah House serves as an afterhours reception centre, we work closely with the Police Community Forum (Moffatview Police Station)

Traumatized children are able to remain in a warm, caring environment where comprehensive assessments, medical services, and trauma counseling is provided.

Research shows that inadequate parenting creates devastating long term psychological problems – resulting in children with a poor capacity for emotional bonding which can contribute to the destabilization of communities

SHAMMAH SAFE HOUSE was founded by Bobby and Katharine Jonkers in 2006 with the intention of providing children with a safe haven giving them an alternative to a life of instability.

We provide care for the following children at risk :
Abandon Children
Lost Children
Orphan Children

and Children involved in Trafficking

The HIV and AIDS epidemic has risen to new heights , leaving children without parents and making our responsability more dire.


Providing loving, community –based homes for abused, abandoned, neglected, HIV/AIDS infected and affected children. Ensuring children are able to access social education and medical services. Capacity building and developing of community parents to enable them to provide for children in their homes. Providing life skills training and therapeutic services for children


How will we turn this around?
Establish more safe homes
Establish a skills development centre
Establish a soup kitchen
Develop a back to school programme
The SHAMMAH SAFE HOUSE project is a testament to the maternal skills that mothers share, not only with children from extended families, but with their entire community

It is because of this community that we appreciate and hold our volunteer parents who are carefully selected and trained, in the highest regard.


Children are referred by the SAPS

The counsellor on duty will assess the children’s needs and put SAPS in touch with the Safe house social workers on call

Children will be placed with the appropriate short or long term family depending on social development.

Children welfare and the department of social development provides statutory services and permanent placements for each child.


To establish a model caring home in this area.
To provide a stable home for abused and lost children that are at risk in their communities.
To network with likeminded organizations and donors to achieve a common goal.
Working collectively to promote a culture of child rights for orphans and vulnerable children, through the provision of services and caring homes.


Our mission is to address the needs of abandoned, orphaned and needy children.
At the Shammah Care house we strive to provide education, fulfil humanitarian needs and alleviate poverty for the children.


We subscribe to the following values

Every child deserves to be loved and to receive the best care possible
To operate within the best interests of the child
Celebrate our diversity
Confidentiality and privacy for each child
To encourage child participation in decision regarding their future
To honour the role of the elders in passing on cultural traditions and wisdom


The Safe House is in direct need of:

 Kombis – 0 to 5 years


Baby milk (NAN)


Vegetables, Fruit and Tin food products

One of our main needs draws from the needs of all the children we have and those that are yet to come to us, and that is a larger premisis. The majority of any donations will go towards meeting this need.

For more information, call Katharine Jonkers on +27 81 497 7053

12 Coalbrook Street

South Hills



Anyone interested in making a donation can deposit it into the following bank account:

Account Holder: Shammah
Account Number: 62463511230
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: The Glen
Branch Code: 259605
Type of Account: Cheque

Thank you

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